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Realistic Earth orbit spin in Unreal Engine


This #video is not real, it is #Unreal. Rendered in #EpicGames 's #UnRealEngine 5.1 "in realtime". I've started it in UE5 early access version months ago and rendered in UE5.1 lately.


55 mins tutorial to learn how to and couple of hours to set up scenes and render. This engine is getting better day by day! If you haven't jumped in yet you'r missing a lot of fun! And it is totally free!!!

That's the point where #CryEngine (One of the most advanced game engine for realistic environments) lost the game years ago I guess.



60fps 6000 frames rendered as jpeg sequence in UE5.1 sequencer.
Filmback sensor width 45.6 mm - height 24.0 mm with 18 mm lens.
This engine is getting better!

Unreal Engine :

Textures used can be found below for free: